Why Do Singaporeans Prefer to Live in Tampines

Why Do Singaporeans Prefer to Live in Tampines?

If you are looking for a suburban area in Singapore, Tampines may be a good choice. Although it is a typical suburban area, it still has its own charm. This article discusses a few points you should know about Tampines. You’ll learn about Tampines Hub, Eco Green, Cultural Hub, and Bus Interchange. Tampines is a good place to live and a great place to visit.

Tampines Hub

If you are a young professional looking to relocate to the city, you may want to consider the many facilities available in Tampines Hub. This integrated community hub is Singapore’s largest. It combines over 30 different facilities under one roof. The Hub’s concept is community-focused, and it fosters the concept of shared economies while fostering social connectivity. For example, it has sheltered pedestrian thoroughfares that connect the Tampines Central Park and Tampines Regional Centre.

The hub is located in a former sports complex. The Tampines Stadium, Sports Hall, and Swimming Complex opened in December 1989. In addition, the Tampines Rovers football club played at the Tampines Stadium. The project has attracted a growing number of businesses, including a variety of entertainment venues. This is why Tampines Hub offers a unique lifestyle that appeals to many Singaporeans.

Residents of Tampines are lucky to have such a large integrated building. There is a shopping mall in Tampines 1, and a public library in the heart of the community. These amenities have attracted many people from the neighbouring estates, and they are an excellent place for a hangout. With so many amenities, it’s no wonder that the area is popular with Singaporeans. It is important to note, however, that the hub has no air-conditioning. Natural winds and gigantic fans are sufficient for the cooling of residents’ homes.

Tampines Eco Green

The number of residents in Tampines Eco Green has decreased due to the development of housing estates near the area. At least 30% of its land is undeveloped, and the park is mostly unlit at night. Still, residents like Toh Nan Li still make the trip to Tampines Eco Green to exercise and take pictures of the sunrise. He says the area is beautiful and offers plenty of scenic sites.

The park, which covers 36 hectares, is home to a diverse collection of species. The park consists of a primary forest, secondary forest, and freshwater pond. There are over 75 species of birds, 20 dragonflies, 35 species of butterflies, and 32 species of spiders. The park was built to minimize human interference with the environment. Whether it is a picnic spot, or an outdoor activity, Tampines Eco Green has something for everyone.

There are seven freshwater ponds in the area. Many species of aquatic animals and plants call this place home, making it an attractive spot for families and children alike. A White-breasted Waterhen congregates in one of the ponds, while a Grey Heron plays with its prey. These creatures are among the reasons why Singaporeans prefer to live in Tampines Eco Green.

Tampines Cultural Hub

If you’re in the market for a new home, you might be wondering why Singaporeans prefer to live in Tampines rather than the city. This neighbourhood has something to offer everyone – a large number of restaurants, entertainment centers, shopping malls, and much more. There are even several schools nearby. You’ll be glad you made the decision to move to Tampines if you want to enjoy the best of everything that Singapore has to offer.

The area is relatively quiet compared to the rest of the city, and residents love the town’s laid-back charm. The Tampines malls include Tampines 1, Tampines Mall, Century Square, and Eastpoint. Aside from that, you can also shop at the Tampines Retail Park, where you’ll find Giant, Ikea, and Courts. If you’re looking for a more central location, consider Tampines – a vibrant, diverse community.

Tampines Bus Interchange

Located near the DTL section of Tampines MRT station, the Tampines Bus Interchange is a convenient transport hub that connects residents to the rest of the city. In 2009, it underwent a major upgrade to increase bicycle parking facilities. In 2017, it was expanded to meet the demand of increasing passenger numbers and the occasional peak hour capacity overload. As a result, more buses were added to the Tampines bus services. The entire facility was refurbished in 2017, when the DTL section of the Tampines MRT station was opened.

The development is also convenient for people on the go. In the east of Singapore, the Tampines bus interchange is a convenient transit hub that connects to all areas of the city. From the Tampines MRT station, a bus will take you to Pasir Ris in about 15 minutes. The bus ride costs approximately $1 or $2 and takes eight minutes.

Tampines Concourse

Many Singaporeans prefer to live in Tampines for its proximity to Tampines MRT station, as well as the numerous shopping centers and schools located nearby. In fact, the area has been described as the “Orchard Road of the East.” The Tampines area is also home to the country’s largest IKEA, and massive Courts and Giant warehouses. The area also boasts a comprehensive mix of schools.

This neighbourhood is home to a number of famous international brands and is popular with locals. It is home to popular local stores like 4Fingers Crispy Chicken, Chateraise, and iSteaks, as well as a Japanese market called Kuriya Japanese Market Yokocho. Residents can also enjoy the nearby Tampines Hub, which is home to several government agencies and the Tampines Sports Centre.

The public transportation network in Tampines is expanding, with the addition of two more MRT stations later this year. In addition, there are two bus interchanges in the area, the Tampines Bus Interchange, which opened in 1987, and the Tampines Concourse Bus Interchange, which opened in 2016. Both serve the area’s four bus routes. By car, motorists can get to Changi Business Park in less than half an hour, as well as the Pan Island Expressway, which is used to travel to the town centre and further West.

91 Exchange

If you are looking for an affordable place to call home, why not consider living in Tampines? This neighbourhood is a hub of public transport, with three MRT stations in the vicinity – Tampines West, East, and North – and a fourth planned on the future Cross Island Line. Residents can also access the Tampines interchange, which is one of the busiest in the country. And if you want to spend a day out shopping or eating, you can easily drive to Tampines Street 21 or the Bartley Road East.

The community is also home to a hawker centre and an 800-seat hawker centre, with 42 stalls and an automated tray return station. The Tampines Hub will feature a variety of eateries and services to meet the needs of the community. The hawker centre will be a prime example of this, as it features 42 stalls and an automated tray-return station.

Tampines Sensory Garden

The development of the Tampines Sensory Garden has made it more attractive to Singaporeans and their families, resulting in a stronger sense of community and pride. It has also given residents an opportunity to get to know their neighbours better. The town council’s participation-based approach is gaining momentum and proving to be beneficial to both the residents and the local economy.

The town of Tampines is located on the north-east coast of Singapore. Initially a farming and rural area, Tampines has since turned into an increasingly cosmopolitan residential neighborhood. It is well-connected via public transport, and is home to Singapore’s largest IKEA store. It also boasts a diverse array of parks and schools, including one of the country’s largest IKEA stores.

Those who enjoy nature can spend some time at Tampines Eco-green, which opened in 2011. This park features freshwater wetlands and secondary rainforest, and is connected to the Tampines Biking Trail. Children can also enjoy Sun Plaza Park, which has a playground, basketball court, and lush greenery. Another choice is the Tampines Central Park, which is conveniently located near the Our Tampines Hub. The park is popular with exercise enthusiasts as well, with fruit-themed playgrounds.

Tampines Green Belt

Located at the easternmost tip of the island, Tampines is far from the central business district. However, this district has convenient access to most major transport networks in Singapore. Residents can easily reach Raffles Place MRT station in less than half an hour, while residents of Tampines can take the Downtown Line to get to the Marina Bay and Bencoolen MRT stations in under 15 minutes.

In addition to its proximity to many other parts of Singapore, residents can find many places to shop in this neighborhood. The Tampines Eco-green is a 36 hectare park that focuses on the preservation of nature. It also boasts multiple habitats for diverse wildlife, allowing visitors to enjoy nature in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. A hidden gem, Tampines Quarry Park is a popular spot for radio-controlled boats. East Coast Park is only 10-15 minutes away, and residents can walk to shopping and dining in this district.

Tampines once was a swamp and forest. Before the development of the Tampines town in the 1990s, the area was occupied by a military training base. Several major corporations established Tampines town and its surrounding areas. The Tampines green belt has numerous historical sites and a thriving cultural scene. Listed below are a few of the most popular attractions of Tampines.

Klimt Cairnhill by Low Keng Huat at Cairnhill Road Near to Orchard

Klimt Cairnhill by Low Keng Huat is a new development located at Cairnhill Road located a few minutes away from the heart of Clarke Quay. Located on Clarke Quay Road, Klimt Cairnhill is an upmarket complex that offers condo living in Singapore with some of the finest design amenities. If you love new developments but don’t want to be located so close to where the action is, Klimt Cairnhill  the condo for you. Klimt Cairnhill are modern and contemporary, yet have been designed with the comfort and aesthetics of residential spaces. There are plenty of space as well as spectacular views and amenities to enjoy when you live here.

Klimt Cairnhill condo by Low Keng Huat offers a simple floor plan that features two separate units that are connected by an atrium. There are no extra amenities at Klimt Cairnhill, such as elevators, that can be found in some of the newer high-end residential condos. This makes this an ideal location for those who want to live closer to the center of Singapore but still be able to enjoy all the things they love there.

Klimt Cairnhill condo units feature two levels and an atrium that wrap around the entire unit. There are fantastic views of the Singapore River and the nearby Sentosa Island. An elevator will bring you to each level of the apartment at Klimt Cairnhill and you will find several elevators within the complex to make getting to the different floors easy. There is also a loading ramp that will bring your luggage up to the balcony level of your Klimt Cairnhill Singapore condominium by Low Keng Huat.

Klimt Cairnhill Located at Orchard Road by Low Keng Huat
Klimt Cairnhill Located at Orchard Road by Low Keng Huat

Each Klimt Cairnhill unit in this beautiful apartment building features an outdoor living area and a terrace that overlook the beautiful pool area. You will also discover that there are numerous amenities closeby. A shopping center is located very close by and there are also a variety of eating places that serve delicious cuisines from all around the world. The Singapore River is only a short walking distance away and you will find plenty of wonderful activities and sports right in the area.

Klimt Cairnhill condominium offers luxurious accommodations that include two-bedroom suites that have been designed with two-story ceilings and extensive windows. There is a heated swimming pool and a whirlpool spa at Klimt Cairnhil. There are also two restaurants in the area that offer a variety of delicious meals and beverages. You will enjoy every moment of your stay in this amazing area because there is so much to do and see!

Klimt Cairnhill Singapore apartment offers two bedroom suites that are both spacious and comfortable. There are two living rooms and a single family room. There is ample space and there is plenty of privacy as well when you rent an apartment in this amazing area. You will be able to enjoy all the amenities and services that the place has to offer, including fitness centers and a spa. You will even find a bank and a small grocery store within walking distance of your Singapore condominium.

Klimt Cairnhill Located at Orchard Road by Low Keng Huat
Klimt Cairnhill Located at Orchard Road by Low Keng Huat

You will appreciate having a swimming pool at Klimt Cairnhill Singapore. You will be able to enjoy every swimming experience that you could imagine when you rent this beautiful apartment. You will be able to lounge in the pool and enjoy the warm temperatures as you enjoy everything that this pool has to offer. There is a restaurant at the pool that offers you delicious meals and beverages. You will not want to leave this pool area when you are staying at Klimt Cairnhill Singapore condos.

You will love spending time at Klimt Cairnhill Singapore condos when you are here. You will get to enjoy every relaxing moment that you want here. You will be able to find the perfect swimming pool for you and your family to enjoy every single thing that this pool has to offer.

Klimt Cairnhill Singapore is a condominium project which was developed by Low Keng Huat, developer of several high-end high-rise projects in the region. This is the second project of the designer that uses an unusual design approach to bring together function and form in a building. The first project was released more than two years ago with a tower located on the bank of the river Lebong in Central alone. It was a huge enticement for the locals and guests to come to Central in order to enjoy the fantastic riverfront setting. This tower, which was supposed to be just a residential construction turned into a luxury hotel and conference center in addition to the tower, retail and residential space.

Klimt Cairnhill Located at Orchard Road by Low Keng Huat
Klimt Cairnhill Located at Orchard Road by Low Keng Huat

With the success of the first project, Klimt Cairnhill decided to launch another masterpiece, this time a tower with a single story. This time, the design incorporated the use of a flexible floor plan and was meant to be a floating city which could be reconfigured according to the tenants’ needs. However, the building turned out to be too much for the team. To remedy this, they decided to create two staggered levels along with a central core.

Considering Klimt Cairnhill location and the demands for the units, the developers came up with three main types of floor plans for the condos. The first was a one-story unit offering eight apartments. Six units were situated on the bottom levels and the upper level of the building was dedicated to condos with three units each. The lowest level was a one-bedroom unit offering space for a family of four.

The developers also opted for two-story units, which offered more space and was intended to accommodate larger groups. In addition to the one-story units, they also developed nine-story units with one apartment on each level. In total, there were twenty-eight apartments located on the lower level of the Klimt Cairnhill Singapore condo by Low Keng Huat. These low-rise buildings offered convenient living spaces for residents. Residents could easily access their own elevators, enter the elevator, go up or down from their elevators and move between floors of the Klimt Cairnhill Singapore. Amenities included an elevator, a common public area, a conference room, a health centre and a restaurant.

Klimt Cairnhill Located at Orchard Road by Low Keng Huat
Klimt Cairnhill Located at Orchard Road by Low Keng Huat

Another aspect of the Klimt Cairnhill Low Keng Huat that impressed residents and potential buyers was the presence of a fitness centre. Klimt Cairnhill Residents could use this fitness centre for exercising and for relaxing. They could even bring their children and have fun playing at the fitness centre. For Klimt Cairnhill residents who did not want to use the fitness centre, they had the option to use the swimming pool. Even senior citizens who do not need the gym as an assisted living facility could use this pool for bathing and relaxation.

Klimt Cairnhill also has its share of luxurious amenities. Each unit at the Klimt Cairnhill Singapore condos by Low Keng Huat has its own swimming pool, a health spa and a large sauna. All these amenities make the residents feel at home. Security is provided at all times, and elevator systems take residents to all the upper floors of the Klimt Cairnhill Singapore condos.

The Klimt Cairnhill Low Keng Huiat also has its share of high-tech amenities. Computer shops and other business establishments are available in the building. The LKCC pays special attention to the maintenance of the facilities and it even has a computer club. The residents’ association also organizes annual events that bring together the residents and the builders to celebrate every good thing in the life.

Klimt Cairnhill Located at Orchard Road by Low Keng Huat
Klimt Cairnhill Located at Orchard Road by Low Keng Huat

For residents at the Klimt Cairnhill Singapore condominium by Low Keng Huat, every little bit of convenience is a blessing. All the services and amenities are provided at an extra charge, but this makes the residents feel important and cared for. The services include but are not limited to: housekeeping, laundry, daily housekeeping, transportation to and from the hospital, recreation activities, medical assistance, housekeeping, laundry, daily meals, childcare, transportation. The residents’ primary duty is to look after the basic needs of the other residents. The amenities and care that the residents received at the Klimt Cairnhill Singapore condominium by Low Keng Huat are more than what they expected.

Klimt Cairnhill is located at Orchard Road is considered as one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world. Its wide and broad malls offer a great shopping experience with a wide range of products to choose from. This place is the hub of luxury and affluence in Singapore. The rich culture and tradition embedded in Orchard Road make it a special place to be. It’s renowned for its history, arts and culture.

There are a number of restaurants in Orchard Road Singapore. However, Orchard MRT is where you will find all the major restaurants, hotels and eating places. Here are some of the more popular Orchard Road restaurants.

Babi Sisters: This Indonesian restaurant is located on Orchard Road’s Central Business District (CBD). They offer dishes with a hint of spices and seafood. Their specialty is noodles, such as Pad Thai, which is very popular in Singapore. The other popular dishes in this restaurant are Indonesian dishes and Chinese food. The restaurant was started by a couple in the early 1990s.

Babi Indonesia: Another Indonesian restaurant is located in Orchard Road’s Serangoon Road. It specializes in serving Indonesian dishes. It has a classic, simple and affordable cuisine. Their buffet is where you can expect to get the best food. Prices are not expensive, but the quality is superb.

Babi Seafood Restaurant: This restaurant is located in Orchard Road’s International Village. The cuisine here is a fusion of traditional Indonesian food and modern food dishes from various countries. The restaurant offers four types of food, which include local, regional and global cuisine.

Bonjour French Bistro: This French restaurant is located at the corner of Orchard Road and Piccadilly Circus. It is one of the oldest French restaurants in Singapore. The food here is light and tasty. The restaurant is always busy, even during lunch time. The price is cheap and it is worth a visit.

Bruno’s: This restaurant is not very popular among tourists. However, it is known among Singaporeans for its excellent service. The ambience is very elegant and the staff is always friendly. They are always ready to serve their guests. You can choose from a variety of pasta dishes here.

Chinese Food: There are many Chinese restaurants around Orchard Road. They are known for their exquisite Chinese dishes. Most popular dishes here are the Chinese noodles called Cantonese noodles. The famous desserts are the jabbing and pandan. Some popular Chinese restaurants are Maoming Chinese Food Center, YWCA, and Duck Road Chinese. These restaurants are quite popular with the locals.

The buffet breakfast: It has been around for more than 60 years, but still the most famous breakfast in Singapore. You can have a sumptuous breakfast here with plenty of delicious fresh fruit. It has an American style menu. Some of the most famous ones are Lucky Jo’s, Ann Satter’s, Denny’s, and Billy Jamies.

Seafood: Singapore is known for its seafood. It is one of the best places in the world to catch seafood. Some of the famous restaurants here are Big Buddha, oniesome, Angie’s Seafood, and the China Town Seafood Restaurant. These restaurants are extremely popular among tourists.

Sweets: Sweets are another important part of a meal. In Singapore, you will find many famous candy stores and sweets parlors. There are even some roadside stalls selling Sweets. Some of the most famous sweets in Singapore are: Laksa, Roti Mahi, and Fried Prawns.

Indian: Orchard Road is home to many Indian restaurants. The Indian cuisine is one of the best in the world. Most of the Indian restaurants here are located along Orchard Road. Some of them are: Babu Ganam in Orchard Road, Babu Deli in Central Business District, KFC Maxlays in Orchard Road, Indian Apple in Orchard Road, and Ginger Bar in the Orchard Road Mall. These restaurants are very popular among the locals and tourists alike.

Hotels: Orchard Road is a very famous place to stay. Hotels in Singapore are some of the best in the world. You can find good hotels all across Orchard Road. Some of the best hotels here are the Orchard Marriott Singapore, the Orchard Grand Hotel, and the Orchard Regent Singapore.

Low Keng Huat is a newly established real estate developer in Singapore. They are located in the Central Business District (CBD) of the city. They have built an entirely new building on the old railway line and it is called the Limestone Hall. This developer has an entirely new building with a lot of high-rise features. They are offering two different styles of architecture, both heritage and modern, all designed to be very sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The values of Real Estate Property in Singapore tend to fluctuate because there are many factors affecting it. One of them is the value of land. In some areas, the values of land are always more than others. This factor is used by the developer to determine the values of their property. The values of land for sale in Singapore are governed by the laws of its Special Economic Zone. These laws provide for protection of the environment and the prosperity of its local economy.

Low Keng Huat wishes to join other estate developers in protecting the environment. Their environmentally friendly designs are made from sustainable materials that will not damage the environment. They want to make sure that their customers and clients to benefit fully from their services. The company is dedicated to the promotion of green living and eco-tourism. As a real estate developer in Singapore, they are committed to protecting the environment and creating a sustainable community where everyone can live.

Another important fact about Low Keng Huat is that they are located in an area surrounded by nature. The Limestone and Slate Mountains is located at the north and the East Lake has an abundance of water. The climate here is warm all year round. Nature provides the perfect setting for Low Keng Huat to be located. The residents and the local environment benefit from the natural values that are found here.

Low Keng Huat wants to create a sustainable community where all the residents are provided with good quality housing at reasonable prices. They realize that every person has the right to live in a home that provides for their basic needs. They have developed residential spaces that offer great value at low cost. The environmental values of the real estate developer’s projects are given due consideration.

The Limestone and Slate Mountains is one of the prime locations for Low Keng Huat’s development. The environment here is known for its beauty. The mountains are surrounded by tropical forests. The Low Keng Huat real estate developer is committed to protecting the environment and providing the public with quality housing at affordable prices.

The Low Keng estate developer is committed to creating a sustainable community. This is done by ensuring that they do not cause an environmental impact on the surrounding environment. They help restore the natural habitat and protect the local environment. The local environment benefits by having clean water, green lungs, abundant wildlife and a healthy ecosystem.

The developer ensures that the local residents will benefit from the projects. This includes access to recreational facilities, health centres, schools and community places. They also provide for the social and economic development of the local residents. The Low Keng realty development pays special attention to the welfare and interests of the local people.

The Low Keng estate developments in Shanui are planned in such a way that they provide for the convenience of the local people. They are planning to have shops and other forms of entertainment for their visitors. In order to cater for the needs of the customers the developers provide easy access to restaurants, banks, hospitals and other forms of services. The Low Keng real estate developer ensures that there are ample parking lots and other provisions for the visitors.

The Low Keng property developer ensures that there are plenty of hotels, schools and other forms of essential services nearby. The developer pays close attention to the security measures in place in the vicinity. The Low Keng real estate developer provides for enhanced road network and transport system. They also ensure that the schools and other essential facilities like nurseries and day care centres are well-stocked with all the latest supplies.

The Low Keng property developments in Shanui can be bought or sold easily. They are highly preferable, as they are priced attractively. The developers have tie-ups with leading national chains and international property portal sites to make their real estate properties more attractive. You can buy these real estate properties either as a stand-alone unit or as an add-on to an existing residential or commercial property. If you are looking for luxury villas, beachfront houses or apartments to invest in, then the Low Keng real estate developer is the best choice for you.


Midwood Condo Serene Development by Hong Leong Holdings Near to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Midwood is no doubt the home of calmness and serenity. Situated amid a vast Sea of Green, this is the perfect getaway spot. Midwood is dotted with parks and the infamous quarries. Apart from the scenic natural views, you’ll also get a taste of the architectural genius which will leave you marveling. There are lots of things you’ll love about Midwood.

Perfect location

Midwood is strategically located to ensure you explore every aspect of natural or artificial beauty. You’ll also get to enjoy a smooth lifestyle courtesy of facilities like HillV2 Mall or the Hillview Community Club just across the street. Traveling shouldn’t be a problem. Midwood is the heart of public transport and you can easily access the MRT Station or the PIE and BKE. Other key amenities you enjoy are prestigious school and quality medical services at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. To cap on the Midwood experience, you can easily visit Holland Village, Orchard Road, Jurong Lake District, and Shenton Way. Please also see Midwood Floor Plans available.

Robust nature

Sitting between two nature enclaves, you can always hit the hiking trail or take a simple nature walk.  Bukit Town Park (Little Guilin) is also located a short drive away. Here you can enjoy nature walks or put your photography skills to test. On the Upper Bukit Timah road, you’ll also find the Dairy Farm nature park. Sitting on 63 hectares, this location was once the Singapore Quarry. Nearby is also the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve which hosts the largest primary rainforest on the Island. This nature reserve boasts of being one of the richest ecological systems on the planet. The park neighbors the Central rail corridor opening doors for other endless exploration opportunities.

Add a touch of comfort to your lifestyle

Midwood presents you with an array of shop-and-dine options and most are located in your neighborhood. At HillV2 across the street, you’ll find specialty restaurants. There’s also a supermarket, and service providers like dentists, beauty parlors, pet care, and medical services. At the Bukit Timah Market, you can sample street food which mainly comprises local and everyday delicacies. Education needs are well catered for with options for international and local schools. Some of the top schools within the vicinity include CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace, St. Francis Methodist School, German European School Singapore, and Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, which are all accessible within minutes’ drive.

Make a grand entrance

Get to enjoy a unique entrance courtesy of an inviting podium full of regale ambiance, coupled with exquisite materials and design details. The unique aspect of the entrance is the high-ceilinged sheltered hallway.

Enjoy cool moments of reflection

Enjoy personal moments at the 50-meter rooftop infinity pool. You can also choose to use the leisure pool on the first pool after meditation.

Never a dull day at Midwood

Midwood embodies a free-spirited and energetic mood. You can always choose between outdoor and indoor fun. There is an outdoor fitness center and tennis court. Also, there’s a fully equipped indoor gym to help you achieve your fitness goals.

 A perfect environment for children

Your child also gets their share of the fun with their own kid’s pool. The community lawn is also a great and secure play center. To ensure they remain healthy, theirs is a childcare center within the premises.

Total freedom

Space and lighting a crucial to enjoying the best freedom at home. The huge balcony allows for natural lighting coupled with breathtaking outdoor views.

Elegance at its best

The open plan concept design helps create large living spaces that can accommodate premium appliances. This way, you get to enjoy a smooth life.

Safe haven

After a long and tedious day, take refuge in a calm interior with well thought out décor. The calmness allows for total relaxation. The décor invokes elegance as it comprises features like a wardrobe that comes with smart storage.  Cleverly hidden shelves and compartments of varying sizes.

A futuristic home

Smart living for an easy life is achieved through adopting technology to create a one-of-a-kind smart home system. Gain control of these home safety, comfort, and functionality features via a mobile app.

Making dream homes a reality

Established in 1968, Hong Leong Holdings Limited (HLHL) is one of the pioneers of the real estate industry in Singapore, HLHL has grown to become a key player in the property market. In the pursuit of improvement and expansion, HLHL seeks to maintain unique designs, high sustainability standards, and quality customer service. HLHL takes pride in developing some of the most distinctive and iconic residential developments in Singapore.

Future Expansion

smart air-con control

Control, check, and set the temperature in the Living/Dining and Master Bedroom via a mobile app with additional remote access to other bedrooms

Smart lighting control

Set the mood of the lights to switch off when not in use

Home security camera

Monitor the home environment efficiently

Smart home appliances

Control all digital-enabled devices and machines remotely.

Smart power plug

Control wall sockets remotely for safety and energy saving

Smart curtains & blinds control

Roll down your smart window shades from the comfort of your bed.

User-friendly provision

Enjoy parking guidance in the multi-story car park with the assistance of the parking sensor and light indicator system. This car park system only requires a smartphone/tablet, internet connection, and Wi-Fi system which are provided separately by the user.