Residents of the development can also look forward to first-class recreational facilities, including a lap pool, sauna, steam room, gym and outdoor children’s playground. All of these will be located on the allocated 6,000-square-foot site, and its lush landscaping will ensure that the views are maximised by the overall ambience of the area.

Proposed architectural concept for Lentor Mansion includes a combination of 8-story blocks and 16-story towers, with sky terraces designed to provide residents with comfortable green outdoor space. More than 6,000 square foot will be set aside to cater for child facilities, catering to families looking for a first-class lifestyle.To ensure an enjoyable living environment, residents will be able to enjoy a range of top recreational facilities, including a lap pool, sauna, steam room, gym and outdoor children’s playground on site. The allocated 6,000 square feet area will be further beautified with lush landscaping, accentuating the view and creating a pleasant ambience for its residents.

The proposed architectural concept for Lentor Mansion includes a combination of 8-story blocks and 16-story towers, which will include sky terraces that provide residents with comfortable green, open space in the comfort of their own homes. In addition, more than 6,000 square feet will be allocated to childcare facilities, reflecting the family-friendly orientation of the development.

The Lentor Gardens development is bolstered by its key connectivity feature – the Lentor Mansion sheltered walkway. This access route will link the land plot directly to the Lentor MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast line, and make the area even more attractive to potential inhabitants. In addition, the location is highly sought-after by families who view the proximity to esteemed educational facilities, such as Presbyterian High School, Anderson Primary School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School, Eunoia Junior College, and Nanyang Polytechnic, as a major benefit.
The site also features a large food court where guests can sit and enjoy their meals from the various international cuisine outlets. For shoppers, there are plenty of fashion, accessories, and lifestyle stores to explore.

The Seletar Mall is located close to the Sengkang and Punggol regions and provides a family-friendly shopping experience. With four levels of retail shops and restaurants, the mall offers a variety of options, such as a movie theatre and children’s stores, so that young families can find something for everyone. The mall also has a large food court, where customers can sample a variety of international cuisine. Besides, shoppers can find the latest in fashion, accessories, and lifestyle stores.

Situated close to Anderson Primary School, Lentor Mansion offers its younger residents a luxurious opportunity to enjoy shorter commutes and thus, more time for rest, study, and play. This is due to the institution’s commendable reputation as a provider of a comprehensive educational experience that lays a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Residents of Guocoland’s Lentor Mansion are going to benefit from the upcoming North-South Corridor (NSC), which is set to be Singapore’s longest transit priority expressway. The NSC will feature continuous bus lanes and cycling trunk routes, boosting northern connectivity and reducing travel times. On top of that, it will also promote green transport options. Beyond the existing Central Expressway (CTE) and Seletar Expressway (SLE), the NSC will provide another way for residents to access the city and get around.

Plans for Lentor’s redevelopment will include the provision of healthcare facilities to ensure local inhabitants can effortlessly access medical assistance. Additionally, leisure and recreational facilities such as wellness centers and sports complexes have been proposed, in order to promote an all-inclusive approach to health and wellbeing.

The much-awaited transformation of Lentor is set to revolutionize luxury living in Singapore. At the forefront of this change is Lentor Mansion, a residential estate that embodies the concept of green living, coupled with modern architecture. Residents at Lentor Mansion Guocoland can look forward to a new level of comfort and luxury, tailored to their specific needs and wants.

Lentor Mansion’s plans for growth include the establishment of high-quality schools and learning centers to cater to the needs of families living in the area. Such an emphasis on education would not only benefit those residing nearby, but also help to further enhance the area’s standing as a hub for continuous learning and development.

Positioned in an ideal locality, Lentor Mansion Guocoland glimmers as an attractive option for families who place a great emphasis on their offspring’s education. Its vicinity to renowned educational establishments adds to its allure, providing an abundance of choices ranging from primary schooling all the way to tertiary education, all accessible with great ease.

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park is an impressive urban park found in central Singapore, and it offers residents of Lentor Mansion an impressive recreational haven and space for community events. Its winding river, which passes through the park, has been transformed into a naturalized habitat with plenty of biodiversity. Residents are able to benefit from the lush open lawns as well as the numerous recreational facilities, showcasing the park’s successful integration of urban greenery.

Lentor Mansion JV is set to unveil plans for their upcoming residential development, which will introduce around 530 units. The development aims to be launched in the second half of 2024, quickly progressing from planning to market introduction. This is not merely a case of adding more housing to the area – Lentor Mansion seeks to create a premium residential estate that blends in with the atmosphere of Lentor Hill.

Nestled in the tranquil Lentor Hills estate, Lentor Mansion at Lentor Gardens is surrounded by a mix of landed properties and condominiums of all sizes. The Singapore Government’s plan for the Lentor Hills region is indicative of their focus on progressive living and the development of a sustainable, pedestrian-friendly community.

Lentor Mansion Guocoland is an ideal residential address as the infrastructure here offers much convenience. With Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 lined with trees, the Lentor Avenue bustling with activity and the MTR station at Lentor station state-of-the-art, travelling from the area to anywhere else in Singapore is fast, comfortable and reliable. Thus, it’s a gateway that provides access to the pulse of the city.

Dora Chng, General Manager (Residential) at GuocoLand, reveals that the upcoming Lentor Mansion at Lentor Gardens is poised to be a luxurious residential development comprising up to 530 units. According to Chng, the project will feature a mix of 8-storey blocks and 16-storey towers with sky terraces, and will include around 6,000 sq ft of dedicated childcare facilities for families with youngsters. Completion of Lentor Mansion is anticipated to take place in 2H2024.

A mere stone’s throw away from Lentor Mansion Gardens is Thomson Nature Park, a celebration of both nature and history. This renowned park is renowned for its well-preserved ruins of an ancient Hainan village, a testament to Singapore’s commitment to conserving its natural and historical heritage. The park also features interpretative trails and signs to tell captivating stories of Singapore’s past. On the other hand, its lush flora and fauna make every visit a refreshingly new experience.

The bid for the site translates to $2,068.23 per square foot (psf) over the site area and $984.85 psf over the maximum permissible gross floor area (GFA). These figures demonstrate the competitiveness of Singapore’s property market as well as the importance top developers place on primely-positioned land parcels.

Adjacent to Lentor Mansion Gardens, Hillock Park invites citizens to a haven of natural beauty. A space that serves as an extension of home, this park gives locals the opportunity to go from the comfort of their dwellings to the embrace of nature. The undulating topography of gentle hills and valleys provides a glorious backdrop to a range of activities, from leisurely strolls to vigorous jogs. Those with little ones will find much to appreciate in the planned play areas and open lawns, offering ideal spots for families to bond during picnics or outdoor sports.

As a beacon of progress in a city that perpetually hums with activity, Lentor Mansion Guocoland gives its inhabitants the ultimate luxury: the opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle. Not only does the development offer stunning parks and open spaces, but it also fosters an ethos that prioritizes wellbeing and sustainability. By incorporating greenery into its design, Lentor Mansion is poised to become a shining example of how modern architecture can and should be environmentally conscious. The result is a tranquil living environment, where the joys of nature are never far away.

GuocoLand Limited has been thrilled to announce their successful bid for the prestigious Lentor Gardens land site. Spanning an impressive 235,371 square feet, or an equivalent 21,866.7 square meters, Lentor Mansion Condo is estimated to support an expansive gross floor area totaling around 494,289 square feet, correlating to 45,921 square meters. This development is situated in the prime location of Lentor MRT Station, and sits under the Hong Leong Holdings Limited umbrella.

As Lentor progresses, so too does its commercial environment. The upcoming Lentor Mansion Gardens is anticipated to incorporate shops in close proximity, giving residents a variety of available F&B, shopping, and essential amenities. The metamorphosis comprises the establishment of Lentor Mansion Guocoland, a multifaceted development designed to cater to the locality with its selection of commercial spaces, bringing vitality and practicality to the locality.

Cheng Hsing Yao, CEO of GuocoLand, remarks on the company’s strong track record of creating high-end residential projects with novel concepts: “We have been successful in transforming and elevating neighbourhoods with our developments, like Guoco Tower in Tanjong Pagar and Guoco Midtown at the Beach Road-Bugis area. For Lentor Mansion, we and our partners are aiming to make it a premium residential estate by developing the various projects in this locality.”

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School is another highly regarded institution. It provides an academic curriculum, coupled with a value-centric education that equips young girls with the skills and values essential for success. The convenience of its location makes it accessible for families who want to provide their daughters with a top-quality all-girls’ education.

Lentor Mansion Guocoland, situated in the flourishing Lentor enclave of Singapore, boasts a prime position with extraordinary connections to make life easier for inhabitants. Its strategic placement promises easy mobility for its residents via car, public buses, and the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system, offering unrivalled convenience and connections to the pulse of Singapore’s vibrant city.

Expatriate families living at Lentor Mansion are offered a unique opportunity, with the French International School providing an international education experience in a local setting. This school offers an international curriculum to students with varied backgrounds, and encourages an international perspective in its learners.

Thomson Plaza is a must-visit for those seeking a tranquil shopping experience. It presents a well-selected variety of specialty stores, bookstores, lifestyle outlets, and eateries, ensuring a pleasant time out with friends or solo. The relaxed atmosphere at the mall makes it a great go-to destination for an enjoyable shopping trip or for catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee or a meal.

The Australian International School presents an academic curriculum that is consistent with the educational timetable in the Southern Hemisphere, which makes this school an excellent alternative for international learning.

Mayflower Primary School is renowned for its commitment to fostering an inquisitive and resilient learning atmosphere. Situated conveniently for Lentor Mansion Guocoland residents, it creates a vibrant learning environment through its creative instruction techniques, which enable learners to obtain knowledge while having fun in the process.

The integration of the TEL with the North-South Line at Woodlands MRT Station, the North East Line at Outram Park MRT Station and the Downtown Line at Stevens MRT Station will provide increased coverage and more convenience for travelers, resulting in shorter journey times and a more connected Singapore.

Residents of Lentor MRT station can easily access Springleaf MRT station for some excellent natural views, or Caldecott MRT station, meeting up with the Circle Line for easy access to the whole of Singapore. Additionally, the TEL will eventually link up to Orchard MRT station, providing a direct path to Singapore’s world-famous shopping hub.

Lentor Mansion Gardens stands as a symbol of transformation and potential, a lighthouse shining its beacon on the bright promise of Lentor’s future. It is not just a residential development; it is emblematic of the development of a vibrant, prosperous district. The transformed landscape is a source of pride and inspiration to the local community, full of hope for a better tomorrow.

Lentor Mansion, the latest offering from GuocoLand, is a benchmark development within the Lentor Hills estate. This partnership with Hong Leong Holdings was made possible following the successful launch in September 2022 of Lentor Mansion, a pioneering mixed-use development that was the first of its kind in the Lentor Hills area. Building on that success, in January 2022 GuocoLand extended its portfolio further, with the acquisition of a site in collaboration with Intrepid Investments Pte. Ltd. and TID Residential Pte. Ltd., paving the way for the much-anticipated Lentor Hills Residences.

The envisaged Linear Park is envisioned to be a verdant artery for Lentor, providing pedestrians a widespread and approachable system of pathways. Along it, lush vegetation will provide shade, enabling the residents of Lentor Mansion Guocoland to relish an outdoor atmosphere as part of their regular activities. This green artery is poised to become the bridge of the district, prompting a green method of transportation and linking distinct hubs expeditiously.

Art and culture will be an integral part of the transformation of Lentor Mansion Gardens. Residents will enjoy public artworks, cultural attractions, and visually pleasing designs, all of which will be woven together, adding to the unique character of the neighborhood.

Eunoia Junior College is a hub of academic excellence and intellectual stimulation, giving pre-university students the opportunity to begin their educational journey through the Integrated Programme and the Junior College curriculum. It is a springboard for young people looking to pursue further education at esteemed universities.

Presbyterian High School is the perfect match for older students transitioning from primary level, due to its nurturing environment and focus on both character building and learning. Located in the Lentor Mansion area, the school is a symbol of the commitment of the neighborhood to providing a positive atmosphere for families to grow.

For those who enjoy boutique shopping experiences, MyVillage at Serangoon Garden is the perfect destination. Boasting a range of specialized stores, gourmet supermarkets, and charming eateries, the neighborhood mall is sure to appeal to the refined preferences of Lentor Mansion Guocoland’s residents. With its distinctive charm, MyVillage at Serangoon Garden offers an unrivaled shopping experience.

GuocoLand has a strong record when it comes to creating luxurious residential areas, boasting 11,000 homes in Singapore alone. This success is continuing with current projects like Midtown Modern and Lentor Mansion which have both seen high levels of sales.

The recent purchase of the land parcel at Lentor Gardens by a joint venture (JV) comprising GuocoLand and Intrepid Investments, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Leong Holdings, marks a significant milestone for Singapore’s realty market. The Lentor Mansion JV was awarded the land parcel for a hefty sum of $486.8 million, reflecting the potential and value that the area holds.

The Lentor Gardens project marks a significant transformation in the Lentor estate, with the creation of a first-class residential district. With luxurious homes that boast modern amenities and beautiful landscaping, this development promises to be an exciting and desirable place to live. Additionally, this project will contribute to the advancement and enhancement of the Lentor estate, not only through the quality of the housing it provides, but also through its positive contribution to the local area.

The launch of Lentor Gardens follows closely on the heels of the successful Lentor Hills Residences. Both projects offer a great opportunity to upgrade the Lentor estate with desirable homes and amenities, while also providing a boost to the local economy. With the two ventures together, it’s clear that Lentor is becoming a desirable and sought-after area in which to live and raise a family.

To ensure that the Lentor Gardens project lives up to its promises, great consideration has been taken to create an attractive residential area. This includes luxurious homes with modern amenities and beautiful landscaping. Furthermore, the development is designed to make a positive contribution to the Lentor estate, by providing homes of quality and value, and by investing in the local economy.

It is clear that the Lentor Gardens project is set to be a success. With its luxurious homes, modern amenities, and positive contribution to the overall development of the Lentor estate, it will create an exciting and desirable residential community for families and individuals alike.

Ang Mo Kio Secondary School and Bishan Park Secondary School are two renowned secondary educational institutions within easy reach, both committed to giving students an all-around education and a variety of extra-curricular activities that promote growth beyond the walls of the classroom.

Just a short distance away, Greenwich V – with its inviting and laid-back atmosphere, alfresco dining and an abundance of lifestyle stores – provides the ideal escape for those looking for a peaceful and pleasant shopping experience.

GuocoLand is applying its design philosophy of creating living spaces that correspond with modern lifestyles while drawing from the surrounding natural and green areas with its newest project, Lentor Gardens. This follows the firm’s past successes, including Guoco Tower and Guoco Midtown, both of which illustrate its expertise in creating premier residential projects with the power to revive communities. Through the combination of luxury and contact with the outdoors, Lentor Gardens is expected to offer the perfect environment for residents.

Lentor Mansion Guocoland’s integration with Singapore’s public bus network allows for convenience, affordability, and eco-friendly travel. Bus services operating via Lentor provide direct links to various locations, providing residents with direct access to the CBD, regional centers, and leisure spots. The development has been equipped with bus stops located nearby, enabling residents to board and disembark with ease, allowing for hassle-free commutes to work, educational institutions, or recreational activities.
Furthermore, the TEL will reduce travelling time from Sembawang and Yishun to other parts of Singapore, and provide new opportunities for business.

The Transit Executive Line (TEL) is anticipated to have a profound impact on the Lentor neighbourhood, delivering direct access to the Woodlands North MRT station, an interchange with the forthcoming Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System Link. Moreover, when fully operational, the TEL will abridge travelling time from Sembawang and Yishun to other parts of Singapore, and create new opportunities for businesses. These promising features promise to integrate the Lentor community further with the rest of Singapore.

For those who value independence and flexibility when it comes to transportation, Lentor Mansion Guocoland offers a great selection of efficient travel options. With easy access to major roads like Yio Chu Kang Road, reaching the center of Lentor is straightforward and quick. The property’s proximity to the Central Expressway (CTE) and Seletar Expressway (SLE) also make it easy for residents to make their way around Singapore, as these expressways provide direct access to the Central Business District (CBD), alongside other popular destinations such as the vibrant Orchard Road and Changi Airport. In addition, the Tampines Expressway (TPE) and the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) create a web of roadways that link every corner of the city-state, making Lentor Mansion Guocoland the ideal location for private transportation.
The mall is well-connected to public transport stops, making it easy to get around the neighborhood and access nearby residences and amenities.

Located a short distance away from Lentor Mansion in Northpoint City, Yishun, is the largest shopping mall in the north of Singapore. Its huge grounds house over 500 stores and eateries, including a rooftop garden, a community club, as well as the Yishun Public Library. From designer clothing and accessories to banks, educational centers, and beauty outlets, residents of Lentor Mansion have access to local and international brands, as well as a range of services and facilities. What’s more, the mall is easily reachable via public transport, making it simple to get to nearby residences and other attractions in the area.

The enviable position of Lentor Mansion provides its residents with the best of both worlds – a peaceful living environment surrounded by a wide range of retail offerings. From vibrant malls to specialty stores, citizens of the Mansion have their pick of shopping hotspots. Additionally, an array of dining opportunities and entertainment venues are within easy reach, allowing the homeowners to enjoy all that life has to offer.

Lentor Mansion is an ideal destination for those looking for a luxurious lifestyle bolstered by convenient access to all the amenities of city life. With a selection of shopping centers nearby, residents of the Mansion can take advantage of a wide variety of retail offerings, whether they are after a bargain or a high-end item. Moreover, there is plenty of dining and entertainment options nearby, ensuring that the homeowners never have to go far for an enjoyable evening out.
Those in search of delicious food can choose from a variety of restaurants and food kiosks serving everything from halal fare to international cuisines. To access this convenient mall, residents of Lentor Mansion can easily make the short journey by car or bus.

Residents of Lentor Mansion can easily take a short drive or bus ride to get to AMK Hub, the bustling shopping center located in the heart of Ang Mo Kio. This mall is a favorite for locals, boasting over 200 stores and providing a comprehensive shopping experience. AMK Hub offers a vast selection of fashionable items, tech gadgets, home appliances, and more, meeting the needs of all shoppers. On top of retail options, there are entertainment facilities like a cineplex, plus numerous family-centric activities to enjoy. For food, diners can find a variety of halal, international, and other cuisine options. With all of these features, AMK Hub is the perfect destination for families to spend quality time together.

The combination of superior educational establishments in the vicinity of Lentor Mansion creates a sturdy groundwork for the growth of children and serenity for parents. From kindergartens that enhance foundational knowledge to educational institutions that cultivate upcoming leaders, the schools within the Lentor area delineate a pledge to wholesome and accessible education, highlighting Lentor Mansion not just as a place to live but also as an entrance to powerful legacies.

Lentor MRT station, a crucial stop for the Thomson-East Coast Line, serves as a major link for Lentor’s inhabitants. The plan for the line to be fully operational by 2025 will allow residents to easily access many sites across the country, from the verdant Botanic Gardens to the vibrant Marina Bay. Even better, the introduction of the Cross Island Line will upgrade Lentor’s connectivity within Singapore’s vast transportation network. Situated close to all this, Lentor Mansion is especially attractive to those who prioritize convenience and accessibility.

Lentor is on the brink of a new beginning, evolving from a peaceful residential zone into a lively and self-sustaining neighborhood with all the comforts of modern city life. The transformation of Lentor Mansion and its surrounds is ambitious, focusing on sustainability, community and connectivity. As Lentor surges into the future, Lentor Mansion is leading the charge of transformation and is poised to become a symbol of refined, sustainable and connected living in Singapore.

The Lentor estate is quickly establishing itself as an upmarket residential estate, and demand for property in this vicinity is anticipated to increase. GuocoLand and Hong Leong Holdings have joined forces as part of a calculated move to benefit from this developing trend and develop Lentor estate to an exclusive and top-notch residential location.

Residents of Lentor Mansion Gardens are blessed with the ultimate retail therapy experience, thanks to the variety of nearby shopping centers. Each offers a distinctive combination of shopping, entertainment, and dining options, reflecting the changing needs and interests of the area’s diverse population. From daily essentials to luxurious treats, from quick snacks to exquisite cuisine, and from family-friendly fun to private getaways, Lentor Mansion Gardens is encompassed by a host of retail destinations, tailoring to any possible desire and providing a satisfying quality of life.

At the heart of the transformation of Lentor is the idea of communal living. Through communal spaces and shared facilities, Lentor Mansion Gardens and its surrounding environs will foster a sense of community, stimulating interactions and collaborations between inhabitants.

Living in Lentor Mansion Gardens offers more than just access to schools; it provides an environment that prioritizes educational excellence and fosters an atmosphere conducive to learning. With its numerous nearby libraries, educational centers, and science parks, the area offers a wealth of educational opportunities beyond the classroom.

For those looking to venture out a bit further, Junction 8 in Bishan is a short MRT ride away. This time-honored shopping destination is enjoyed by shoppers of all sizes and ages. Its diverse selection of stores is complemented by a dynamic food and beverage scene, so you can expect to experience something new every time you visit.

Lentor Mansion is poised to become an attractive and highly-coveted residential hub, due to its excellent connectivity and access to a wide range of amenities and lush green surroundings. There is an increasing demand for living spaces in this prime area.

Lentor is on the verge of a remarkable transformation, with Lentor Mansion at its epicenter. This upcoming change envisions Lentor as a focal point, where city life mingles with the outdoors, and connectivity enhances the quality of life.

The transformation of Lentor isn’t simply about expansion; it’s about sustainable development. Properties like Lentor Mansion Guocoland have applied green building practices, incorporated energy-saving features, and included advanced home-automation systems – all of which reflect Singapore’s dedication to sustainability.
Additionally, the presence of new businesses and commercial spaces in the vicinity of Lentor Mansion will generate new sources of revenue for the neighborhood, benefiting the local economy.

The development of commercial spaces and the establishment of new businesses in the area of Lentor Mansion will certainly bring forth more job opportunities, resulting in an economic surge in the region. Residents living in the vicinity of Lentor Mansion can enjoy the convenience of having their workplace close by, subsequently cutting down their commute time and making way for a better work-life balance. Moreover, with the arrival of new businesses and commercial ventures to the area, the district can anticipate a spike in its revenue, thus aiding in boosting the local economy.

The Lentor MRT station, part of the Thomson-East Coast Line, can be reached with a quick and sheltered walk. The anticipated completion of the line by 2025 will offer convenient island-wide connectivity, along with connections to all the other major MRT lines, including the upcoming Cross Island Line and the Johor Bahru-Singapore Rapid Transit System Link which is expected to be in use by the end of 2026.

At a time when the demand for green spaces in metropolitan areas is greater than ever, Guocoland presents Lentor Mansion – a residential development like no other. A tranquil refuge away from the bustle of the city, architecture and nature come together to craft a uniquely modern environment at Lentor Mansion. The landscaping and green areas surrounding the development play a central role in establishing its character, allowing it to act as a peaceful haven in the midst of the bustling cityscape.

The Lentor Gardens site, in collaboration with Hong Leong Holdings Lentor Mansion, will be the third project for GuocoLand in the Lentor Hills estate. Lentor Modern, a mixed-use development, was the initial project to launch in the estate back in September 2022. Since then, it has achieved a very impressive take-up rate of 88% for its 605 units, with an average price per square foot of $2,104.

Nestled in the heart of Lentor Mansion is Nanyang Polytechnic, just a stone’s throw away. Providing a diverse selection of diploma courses, Nanyang Polytechnic works to merge academic knowledge with valuable practical skills for those looking for a more hands-on learning experience. Its close vicinity enables residents of Lentor Mansion to reap the benefits of tertiary education with convenience and ease.

Lentor Mansion’s Guocoland is close to NEX, a notable shopping hub in the North-East area of Singapore. NEX is the biggest mall in the North-East and features a variety of shops, a supermarket, food courts, as well as some recreational spaces for families such as a doggie playground and children’s play zone. With direct access to the Serangoon MRT station and bus interchange, NEX is easily accessible for a casual shopping spree or a special day out.

High anticipation is mounting for Lentor’s upcoming transformation, as it is set to redefine the concept of luxury living in Singapore. An iconic example of this is the development of Lentor Mansion – an upscale residential estate that offers its inhabitants not just a home but a sanctuary. The mansion will be a pioneering force in this new era, blending together modern design and sustainable living.

The crown jewel of Lentor Mansion’s convenience is its close proximity to the Lentor MRT station, which will be part of the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) when it is completed around 2025. This line will connect the woodlands in the north with the centre of the city and the eastern regions. The MRT station will be conveniently located in a short walking distance from Lentor Mansion Guocoland, providing immediate and direct access to the city’s vast rail network.

Lower Peirce Reservoir Park, a mere short distance away from Lentor Mansion Guocoland, is truly an oasis for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. This tranquil water’s edge retreat boasts of its mature secondary forest and rich biodiversity that offer visitors the chance to observe different species of birds or to simply sit peacefully beside the stillness of the waters. With walking trails enveloped by tall trees, it is an ideal place for a reflective walk or nature photography amidst a cool shady environment.