Midtown Bay Guocoland Real Estate Developer Singapore

Guocoland is a reputed property developer in Singapore which was founded in the late 1967 as a private limited company. Midtown Bay Bugis is their latest project and Guocoland has developed a large number of properties in Singapore and elsewhere. Initially the company focused on winning the auctions and developing the leasehold plots in the country which were auctioned by the Singaporean government for a period of ninety nine years. The company has won more than 35 land auctions all over Singapore and has developed over 9000 residential apartments of different sizes and facilities based on the customer requirement and market demand.

Midtown Bay Guocoland Real Estate Developer

In 1978, predecessor of Guocoland was first listed in the Singapore stock exchange. The company is now one of the most reputed real estate companies listed in the Singapore stock exchange since it has developed a large number of high quality projects. The company sold its first asset in the year 1986, and has mainly focused on investment holdings since the late 1990’s. In addition to investing and developing properties, the company has other divisions, like the one which deals with the management of these investment properties. Another division of the group is handling the hotel business of GLL, running hotels on its behalf. According to information provided, the company had assets of Singapore $8.96 billion in the year 2017 . The company changed its name to Guocoland Limited, GLL in 2002. The latest development is Midtown Bay by Guocoland located at Bugis.

Midtown Bay Guocoland Singapore Real Estate Developer

GLL focuses on innovative and quality real estate development such as Midtown Bay. The properties constructed are environmental friendly and focus on sustainability, without causing any damage to the environment. Scalability is another major consideration while developing residential and other properties. Recognizing the quality of the construction work and effort taken by GLL to conform to environmental norms, the group companies have won a large number of awards. In particular it has won many Green mark awards for eco friendly construction. Additionally GLL group companies have also won awards for building and construction activities in Singapore and Asia, due to the quality of the construction.

Midtown Bay Quality Construction at Bugis

In addition to developing and maintaining a large number of properties in Singapore, Guocoland also involved in construction activities in other Asian countries, In China, it has developed properties in various Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. The company started its property related activities in the neighboring Asian countries of Malaysia in the year 2005 and Vietnam in the year 2006. It has also started its branches in Australia and United Kingdom (UK) for the property related business in the year 2017. Being a publicly listed company all financial information is available for investors, customers and other business associates, so that they can take a decision accordingly