Midtown Suites Guocoland Singapore Located at Bugis Central

The Influence of Guocoland on Beach Road Current State. From the moment it was made clear that Guocoland had won the99 year’s leasehold development, Midtown Suites got a positive name. Even though Guocoland has it’s headquarter located in Singapore, it has spread its development and property investment projects across the world. The company is known to have had a humble beginning when it was formed in 1967 in Singapore as a private company. It has received steady growth following its commitment of development and was later turned into a public limited company and listed on SGX-ST in 1978.

Midtown Suites Major Development Located at Bugis

The company has been identified for major development among the many other developments that Guocoland had done in the past. Much uniqueness is seen on the Midtown Suites Guocoland as it seems to be the most strategically located compared to other past development. It, therefore, becomes ideal for the activities that go around the development as it can be accessed with ease.

Irrespective of the means of transport that you are using towards Midtown Suites condo, you will have no limitations. Bugis, City Hall, and Esplanade which are some of the main MRT Stations can easily be used to access the development. Midtown Suites is also surrounded by a good road network as the popular Beach Road and Nicoll Highway have buses that can be used to access the place. The development is also easy to trace as it sits next to the popular East Coast Parkway and Central Expressway which are both easy to find.

Vicinity around Midtown Suites Condo Located Near to Schools

Owners who treat Midtown Suites floor plans as home still have more amenities such as schools that are located within the vicinity. Kids who are still in their primary education level can attend Farrer Park while those at university level can settle for Singapore Management and School of the Arts. Midtown Suites location is also located near to many shopping centres and other amenities.

Guocoland now stands as a world brand when it comes to exploiting opportunities on development ensuring sustainability and scalability in the essential market. Some of the major developments that the company has done sit in Singapore with the latest financial report that was released indicating Guocoland was very stable at S$8.96 billion in terms of assets.

Achievements of Guocoland Real Estate Developer Singapore

Their achievements cross many developments including Midtown Suites have also been recognized leading to both local and international awards across their portfolio. Much is still expected from Guocoland as they are ahead of most of the developers across the world. The company uses some of the latest technology and focuses on innovation when it comes to its development. Awards such as the Green mark, Asia awards, International property, and many others have been won before by Guocoland.