Seaside Residences Condo Unblock Sea View Luxury Living

Seaside residences is a new project that has been created by a very famous group known as Frasers Centrepoint Homes. The group is very famous for their breath taking and affordable homes. This is a very common and famous residential home group. The Seaside residences are being built in an area where not many new residential areas are available. The land is however created in a very beautiful area that has provided a very beautiful view and landscape for the residents. It has been accompanied by a range of necessary facilities and luxurious things including a swimming pool. It is however expected to be opened for viewing around March of this year. It is open for bidding however and is really affordable.

Luxury Lifestyle at Seaside Residences Siglap MRT

The Seaside residences condo is located in Singapore. Around the condo, there are a range of common and very necessary services and facilities. Before you decide to invest or move to such a place, it is important to consider the accessibility to a few things such as schools and shopping centers. This is one of the considerations that have been made in deciding the site for building the seaside residences. Seaside Residences is located at Siglap MRT Station and has a luxury lifestyle setting with an unblock sea view

Seaside residences has been located near a school known as Tao Nan. It is a school which is famous for the high level of education it provides. In addition to this, the residences have been located near Katong mall hence providing for your shopping needs. There is also a parking center close to the seaside residences.

Seaside Residences Unblock Sea View Singapore

The area on which seaside residences is being constructed on is approximately 207,842 square feet. The seaside residences has been equipped with a lot of luxurious facilities, among them a huge swimming pool, gym for those who care about their body health. In addition to that, the residence has been created to facilitate gatherings. There is a barbeque area created to hold any gatherings or even meetings you might want to hold.

Seaside Residences Siglap MRT Frasers

The seaside residences have been created near a beach which provides a very beautiful view for the residents. The houses are supposed to have either one or two bedrooms. The seaside residences is expected to have a total of 843 residents. In addition to this, each room has been created in a fancy and luxurious manner. The houses can handle a large number of people thanks to the huge spacious rooms that have been include.

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