The Garden Residences Wing Tai Holdings Serangoon North

Any Apartment with the majority of it’s square footage at or below ground level is prefer to by chikagoan as a garden unit. It is a regional term which can mean anything from side walk level to deep basement.

Wing Tai Holdings, founded in 1955, has developed a strong brand for itself as a reputable property developer within the Asian real estate market. With projects located in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and multiple subsidiaries elsewhere, Wingtai has infiltrated key Asian real estate markets as a company with a strong corporate philosophy. They can furthermore be expected to carry that on into the upcoming development of The Garden Residences Wing Tai.

The Garden Residences Wing Tai Holdings Capital Appreciation

Wing Tai is known for their commitment to building partnerships of trust and mutual recognition with highly reputable businesses, as well as fostering similarly well-regarded relations with their customers and staff members. Their connections with global leaders in a variety of industries allow the company to take innovative leaps with their projects and implement the most prestigious strategies identified within a plethora of successful market ventures. Wing Tai aims for unbeatable quality and boasts itself as Singapore’s leading property development company.

Located in an area that is undergoing extensive, but promising, development for residents of the community, The Garden Residences is joined by several other currently upcoming residential condominiums in Serangoon. One of these that is comparable to the upcoming residential project described here is Terrasse Condo located on 21 Terrasse Lane in District 19. Capital Appreciation via real estate is one of the better ways to get assets and this is through investments over the long term.

The Garden Residences Serangoon North Condo

The medium-rise condo, completed in 2015, has an implied rental yield of 3.23%. Furthermore, its latest sales of units within the development date back to just the past couple months, still generating sales in 2017. The average sale price over the last six months has been approximately S$1,096.8 psf, although the price for a unit within the development may certainly vary depending on the size of the unit. One 538 sqft x 50 sqm unit sold in September of 2017, for instance, sold for S$1,263.48 psf.

The Garden Residences Singapore Site Plan and Floor Plans

Serangoon contains a number of reputable schools, including both those local and international to meet the needs of students living in the community. Specifically, these include Nanyang Junior College, Rosyth School, Serangoon Garden Secondary School, and Lycee Francais De Singapour. Future residents of The Garden Residences will thereby have an easy commute that will grant them access to a sufficient Singaporean education.

Serangoon has flourished into a community that contains several appealing shopping venues for residents to enjoy. The most plentiful and popular of those located nearby The Garden Residences include Serangoon Garden Market and Chomp Chomp Food Centre, although future plans for growth within the area are likely to provide even more attractive amenities for residents to enjoy. More on this will be discussed below as part of the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) masterplan for Serangoon.